VISIONS predoctoral researchers attend IPSA Conference

13 July 2021

VISIONS’ predoctoral researchers attended IPSA 2021 online conference. Aitor Bonsoms (IBEI) presented his work on “Foreign terrorist fighters and assemblage theory”, where he critically analyses the categories of terrorist, citizen, and refugee. Adrià Rivera Escartin (IBEI) presented his work on “The politicisation of regional conflicts in Tunisia and the effects on democratisation”.

VISIONS panel at CES Conference 2021

22 June 2021

Members of Project VISIONS participated at CES 2021 online conference in the framework of a panel on Geopolitics in the EU and its Neighbourhood. Federica Zardo, Elena Shymanska, Aitor Bonsoms and Adrià Rivera presented case studies from EU’s southern and eastern neighbourhoods on migration, (dis)information, borders and polarisation. Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués acted as chair and Silja Bára Ómarsdóttir as discussant.

VISIONS panel CES 2021.jpg

VISIONS panel on a geopolitical EU at EUIA conference

28 May 2021

Members of VISIONS Münevver Cebeci (Marmara University), Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Federica Bicchi (LSE) and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués (IBEI) presented their work at EUIA 2021 online conference. In the framework of a panel on “Visions and practices of a geopolitical EU”, they reflected on different political dynamics affecting the EU and its neighbourhood, touching upon topics such as the party politics of EU’s relations with Russia and the US, EU’s actorness in the Southern Mediterranean, and the involvement of Germany and the US on the Tunisia-Libya border. Emmanuelle Blanc (LSE) also participated in the panel and Ben Tonra (University College Dublin) acted as discussant.

EUIA 28_05_21.jpeg

Elena Shymanska joins Project VISIONS

27 April 2021

Elena Shymanska has joined Project VISIONS. Elena is a research assistant at IBEI. Currently she is pursuing a Master's degree in International Relations, Security and Development at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Her Master thesis explores geopolitics of disinformation in the Eastern Neighbourhood. She holds BA and MA in Finance from National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine) and BA (hons) in Political Science and International Relations from University of Genoa (Italy). Elena previously worked as a Researcher at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, and National Consultant at the United Nations Population Fund (Ukraine).

Federica Zardo to give a VISIONS research webinar

23 March 2021


VISIONS researcher Federica Zardo (University of Vienna) will present her work on “The Geopolitics of EU Migration Instruments: The EU Trust Fund for Africa” in the framework of IBEI’s research webinar series. The article, recently published in the journal Geopolitics, raises the argument that migration policy instruments are powerful spatial practices that are shaping the EU-African geopolitical space by coordinating the EU’s and Member States’ priorities and understandings of migration. Information on the event and registration are available at IBEI’s website.


VISIONS researcher Wolfgang Wagner and Tapio Raunio presented their work at the EGPP Conference

25 February 2021


VISIONS member Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and Tapio Raunio (Tampere University) participated at the Annual Conference of the European Governance and Politics Programme (EGPP) of the European University Institute (EUI), which was held online between 25 and 26 February. They presented their work on the votes of the European Parliament on foreign policy with a special focus on cases on the USA and arms export.


VISIONS panel accepted at CES 2021 virtual conference

15 January 2021


A VISIONS panel was accepted at the 2021 virtual conference of the Council for European Studies (CES) that will be held between 21 and 25 June. The objective of the panel is to advance theoretical and empirical debates on geopolitics and the EU by using different theoretical lenses and combining inside-out and outside-in perspectives. The panel will present case studies from EU’s neighbourhood as well as an analysis of the 2020 EU Security Union Strategy.


Fatimah Saadi joins Project VISIONS

28 July 2020

Fatimah Saadi has joined Project VISIONS. Fatimah is a PhD candidate in Political and Social Sciences at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) under the joint supervision of Dr. Tània Verge Mestre and Dr. Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués. Her fields of interest are gender in politics, political representation, power-sharing and sectarian-based systems, and electoral behavior. She received a fully-funded scholarship to study English Literature and Language, with a minor in Arabic/English translation (BA) at Kuwait University, and a MA in Political Science at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). She is a member of the Center for Gender Studies (CEdGE), and Institutions and Political Actors Research Group.

VISIONS predoctoral researcher Aitor Bonsoms receives FPU grant

14 October 2020


VISIONS predoctoral researcher Aitor Bonsoms was granted a FPU to pursue his doctoral studies in Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI). FPU (Formación de Profesorado Universitario) is a grant program of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for PhD candidates for the period of four years. Aitor Bonsoms is a second year PhD candidate at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona under the supervision of Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués. His research fields of interest are discourse analysis, European foreign affairs (particularly regarding MENA region), critical security studies and post-structural approaches to social, political and policy studies.

m_cover foreing policy analysis.png

New special issue on political parties and foreign policy

7 October 2020

VISIONS researcher Wolfgang Wagner (VU Amsterdam), together with Tapio Raunio (Tampere University), edited a special issue on political parties and foreign policy at Foreign Policy Analysis. The articles shed light on how ideological differences between political parties impact foreign policy decision-making across member states and at the European Parliament.

Geopolitics journal.jpg

Federica Zardo authors article on the EU Trust Fund for Africa

18 September 2020

VISIONS researcher Federica Zardo (University of Vienna) published an article on the EU Trust Fund for Africa in the journal Geopolitics. By combining a policy instruments approach with a spatial perspective, the article analyses the geopolitical dynamics of EU policy instruments in the realm of migration and explores how they contribute to redesigning the EU-African geopolitical space. The article is available open access here.

Sietse Papenborg joins Project VISIONS

28 July 2020

Sietse Papenborg has joined Project VISIONS. Sietse is a research assistant at IBEI. Previously, he interned at the Secretariat-General of the European Commission, working on infringement procedures. He was also an intern at the Embassy of the Netherlands to the United Kingdom, working on Brexit and UK foreign and security policy, as well as a Brussels-based European public affairs consultancy. Sietse holds a BSc in International Relations (2016) and a Research MSc in Political Science and Public Administration (2018), both from Leiden University in the Netherlands. 


VISIONS researcher Wolfgang Wagner authors new book 

27 July 2020

Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) authored a new book on "The Democratic Politics of Military Interventions. Political Parties, Politicization and Decisions to Use Force Abroad" (Oxford University Press). The book analyses new data on parliamentary votes on military missions in eleven countries. It shows that political parties differ systematically over foreign policy and military interventions in particular and that the left/right divide is the best guide to the pattern of party-political contestation. More information here.

ECFR publishes survey on coalition building between EU member states

24 July 2020


Think tank European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) published an expert survey on coalition building between EU member states. In the survey respondents across all 27 EU Member States give their views on the EU policy priorities of their respective Member State governments, as well as which Member States align best with their government's position. In line with the findings of VISIONS, the survey provides an image of which Member States are considered the 'core' of the EU (Germany, France, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden) and gives insight into the perceptions and attitudes of geopolitics among the EU's political elite. You can find the survey's findings here.


Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and Adrià Rivera Escartin publish new article on the EU and the democratic transition in Tunisia

22 July 2020

VISIONS researchers from IBEI Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and Adrià Rivera Escartin coauthored an article on the EU and the democratic transition in Tunisia. By using a tripartite nexus model, it analyses to what extend EU democracy assistance was (in)consistent in Tunisia. The article, published in the journal Democratization, is available open access here

VISIONS researchers participate in NORTIA feedback session

7 July 2020


VISIONS researchers Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués (IBEI), Federica Bicchi (LSE) and Adrià Rivera Escartin (IBEI) participated in the online feedback session organised by NORTIA on the European Neighbourhood Policy. NORTIA’s initiative contributed to exchanging views on work in progress as well as creating synergies between research projects.


VISIONS researcher awarded

13 June 2020


VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and co-authors win Academic Council of United Nations System book award 2020 for "Group Politics in UN Multilateralism" (Brill).

image Group Politics in UN Multilaterali

Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués authors two chapters in an edited book on “Group Politics in UN Multilateralism”

7 April 2020

Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués authored two chapters in “Group Politics in UN Multilateralism”, an edited book by Katie Laatikainen (Adelphi University) and Karen Smith (London School of Economics and Political Science) recently published by Brill. The VISIONS researcher explores cooperation dynamics between member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Arab League in the UN. In a separate chapter she also analyses group politics in relation to the question of Palestinian recognition in the UN System. You can find more information on the book here.

VISIONS researcher Wolfgang Wagner presents his work at a COST ENTER workshop in Vienna

27 February 2020


Wolfgang Wagner (VU Amsterdam) presented his work on “The party politics of the EU’s relations with the US” at a workshop organised in Vienna by ENTER project. ENTER is a COST project that investigates EU foreign policy and its linkage to new policy dynamics both internal and external to the EU. You can learn more about it here.

Aitor Bonsoms joins Project VISIONS

27 January 2020

Aitor Bonsoms has joined Project VISIONS. Aitor is a PhD candidate at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, under the supervision of Dr. Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués. His fields of interest are European foreign affairs, particularly regarding MENA region, critical security studies, discourse analysis and post-structural approaches to social, political and policy studies. He holds a Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (UPF, UAM and UC3M) and a MA in Ideology and Discourse Analysis (University of Essex).

VISIONS panel accepted at the seventh edition of EUIA Conference
22 January 2020

A VISIONS panel on “Visions and practices of a geopolitical EU” has been accepted at the seventh edition of European Union in International Affairs (EUIA) Conference, to be held in Brussels, 27-29 May 2020. VISIONS researchers Federica Bicchi, Münevver Cebeci and Wolfgang Wagner, as well as Emmanuelle Blanch (LSE), will reflect on EU’s spatial rethinking and (re-) ordering of its global and regional relations. Ben Tonra (University College Dublin) will act as discussant of the panel. Discover more about it here.

New VISIONS publication on “Populist challenges to EU foreign policy in the Southern Neighbourhood”

8 January 2020

VISIONS member Adrià Rivera Escartin (IBEI) published an article in the Journal of European Public Policy on “Populist challenges to EU foreign policy in the Southern Neighbourhood: an informal and illiberal Europeanisation?”. It illustrates how member states with populist radical right parties (PRRPs) in government influence EU foreign policy in the Mediterranean. The article also reflects on the consequences that this has for third countries taking Tunisia and Egypt as case studies. The publication was part of Best Papers from EUSA 2019 Biennial Conference in Denver and can be accessed here.

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués discusses EU's geopolitical Outlook at Jawaharlal Nehru University

18 November 2019

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués discusses EU's geopolitical outlook with participants in a roundtable on EU-India Strategic Partnership: Trends and Possibilities. The roundtable, which took place at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India, included H.E Mr Ugo Astuto (European Union Ambassador to India), Prof. Gulshan Sachdeva (CES, Jean Monnet Chair and Coordinator Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Jawaharlal Nehru University), Bhaswati Mukherjee (Former Indian Ambassador to Netherlands and former Joint Secretary, Europe West, MEA) as well as Prof. Rajendra K Jain (CES & Jean Monnet Chair 2010-2015).

Peter Seeberg gives a lecture at IEMed, Barcelona

7 November 2019

Peter Seeberg gave a lecture at IEMed, Barcelona on “Security challenges and authoritarian resilience in the Mediterranean Levant in a regional and international perspective” with a focus on the Jordanian case. He reflected on current economic and social challenges, also in relation with the Syrian crisis, and the role that external actors such as the US and the EU play in enhancing authoritarian resilience in Jordan. The lecture was recorded by IEMed and you can access it here below.


VISIONS researchers present their work at FIMAM

25 October 2019


VISIONS members Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and Adrià Rivera Escartin participated in the twelfth edition of the Spanish Forum of Arab World and Islam Scholars (FIMAM), hosted by IEMed in Barcelona. They presented their work on “Anchoring the Tunisian transition? A nexus approach to (in)consistencies in EU’s democracy assistance” and engaged with an audience composed of regional experts.

Project VISIONS organises a section at Sofia EISA PEC 2019

16 September 2019


Project VISIONS organised a section chaired by Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués in EISA conference celebrated in Sofia from 11 to 14 September. Under the title “Geopolitics in a New Age: Shedding New Light on an Old Concept?”, the section explored the seen and unseen consequences of geopolitics or political geography in global affairs and for IR over the past century. It explored what geopolitics can tell us about international relations by ways of historical or contemporary empirical case studies, geopolitical applications or “imagined” political geographies.

VISIONS researcher Ben Tallis participated in a roundtable on “International Relations and the Promise of Multiplicity”

12 September 2019

VISIONS researcher Ben Tallis participated in a roundtable on “International Relations and the Promise of Multiplicity” in the framework of EISA Conference celebrated in Sofia from 11-14 September. The roundtable provided an introduction to Multiplicity and an update on the state of the art in this new approach to international relations.

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués gives lecture at Hiwar Summer School

16 July 2019

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués gives a lecture about human rights in Euro-Arab relations to the El-Hiwar Summer School on Euro-Arab Relations organized by College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium. Al Hiwar is a EU-funded project which seeks to strengthen dialogue, cooperation and collaboration with key regional actors involved in Euro-Arab relations. The summer school includes lectures, dedicated workshops focussing on skills, roundtable discussions and a study visit to EU institutions.

VISIONS researcher Wolfgang Wagner presents his work at CEEISA-ISA conference in Belgrade

17 June 2019

Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) presented a conference paper within VISIONS project in Belgrade CEEISA-ISA Joint International Conference. This work was co-authored by Tapio Raunio (Tampere University) and Maartje van de Koppel (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and delves into the question of the party politics of the EU’s relations with Russia and the US by using evidence from the European Parliament. You can access the abstract here.

Was geopolitics a factor in the European Parliament elections?

6 June 019

In the context prior to 26 May European Parliament elections, the head of the EU’s  East Stratcom Task Force affirmed that "a]ttempts have been made to hack and leak, or to denigrate particular politicians, or to misrepresent certain policies. The best way [for Russia] to strengthen itself is to weaken its opponent” (as reported in BBC). The Task Force's report signalled that Russia's had supported activity in the European election campaign designed to boost support for parties that are either euroskeptic, or friendly to Russia, targeting  young voters on social media and through state-backed media outlets. Russian Foreign Ministry denied any interference with the EU parliamentary election.

VISIONS researcher Xavier Guillaume gives a research seminar at IBEI

20 May 2019

VISIONS researcher Xavier Guillaume (University of Groningen) presented his work on “Of colonies and exotic territories. A historical and visual analysis of the EU geopolitical imaginaires” in the framework of IBEI research seminars. Dr Xavier Guillaume explored how the historical and institutional development of the EU happened hand in hand with the colonization and postwar decolonization of the African continent by providing a social visual semiotics of maps and documents produced by Air France from 1933 and 1960. The presentation was followed by a discussion about colonial history and legacies as well as the role of airlines in the shaping of geopolitical imaginaires.

VISIONS researcher Adrià Rivera Escartin presents a conference paper at EUSA conference

11 May 2019

VISIONS researcher Adrià Rivera Escartin presented a paper on “The Populist Challenges to the EU Foreign and Security Policy Towards Egypt and Tunisia: A Case of De-Europeanisation?” at EUSA conference in Denver on 11 May. Adrià engaged in an interesting discussion around the concept of (de)Europeanization and reflected on the changes that Member States with right wing populist governments are inflicting to EU foreign policy.

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués in an informal meeting with Mr. Christian Danielsson, Director-General of DG NEAR

10 April 2019

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués participated in a roundtable with Mr. Christian Danielsson, Director-General for Neighborhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG-NEAR, European Commission) in IEMed. Representatives of academia, institutions, enterprises, associations, foundations and think tanks based in Barcelona shared their views on the Euro-Mediterranean agenda with Mr. Christian Danielsson, who engaged in an insightful exchange on the issue of multi-level relations in the Mediterranean.

VISIONS project is presented at ISA Toronto Conference in the form of a panel

29 March 2019

The VISIONS project was well-received at the International Studies Association when it was presented in the form of a panel called Re-visioning Geopolitics: Innovative Approaches and Practices on a Classic Concept. VISIONS researchers Münevver Cebeci, Nina Graeger, Xavier Guillaume, Ben Tallis and Federica Zardo presented early findings of their individual research and responded to questions and comments in the lively and highly stimulating debate in the Q&A that followed. Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués chaired the panel. The panel was co-sponsored between VISIONS and the European International Studies Association (EISA).

Dr. Hani Anouti joins Project VISIONS

25 March 2019


Dr. Hani Anouti has joined Project VISIONS. He is an Assistant Professor at Haigazian University (HU) Lebanon (incorporation 2019) and a consultant for several International Organizations and INGOs. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Spain, with special focus on minorities and Middle Eastern studies. Dr. Anouti has more than 12 years of experience with the United Nations and INGOs throughout the Middle East, in addition to seven years of academic and teaching experience within universities in Lebanon and Spain. He frequently contributes articles to diverse Lebanese national and Arab regional newspapers.


The EU remains silent in front of the wave of protests that shakes Algeria

21 March 2019

Since February 2019, Algerians have been taking to the streets to express their malaise against the ruling elite. Relevant international actors such as France have positioned themselves in respect to the political developments in the country. However, the EU has remained silent so far. It can be ascertained that Member States are divided between those that defend a principled stance which encourages a democratic transition in the country, and those concerned by the geopolitical situation and possible spillover effects. For the latter, destabilization could alter gas supply to Southern Europe and impact migration routes. Also the memory of the civil war and the historical importance of political Islam in the country worry those Member States with security-oriented approaches to the region. At a time of new and changing realities around Europe, the EU faces big challenges when it comes to follow a foreign policy based on “principled pragmatism”.

Adrià Rivera Escartin participates in ENTER First Spring School

15 March 2019

VISIONS member Adrià Rivera Escartin participated in the First Spring School of ENTER research network on “(Re-)Conceptualizing or (Re-)Theorizing how the EU faces New Realities” in the city of Darmstadt. This initiative aimed to provide young researchers with cutting-edge theoretical insights to analyze current EU foreign policy as well as to strengthen an emerging interdisciplinary community of early career researchers. From 11 to 14 March eleven internationally renowned scholars, including VISIONS researcher Michael Smith, reflected on the theories of yesterday but also presented innovative conceptual tools to study EU foreign policy in the wake of a new world order. You can learn more about ENTER and its First Spring School here.

ENTER logo.png

Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués discusses EU engagement with new global partners in times of strained transatlantic relationship

12 March 2019

In the context of a conference organized by the research project Global India in Brussels, VISIONS member Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués met with representatives of European External Action Service and the diplomatic community to discuss how a strained transatlantic relationship obliges the EU to engage with new global partners in the defense of multilateralism.


Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués takes part in a seminar on the Mediterranean organized by CETC

1 March 2019

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués draws attention to geopolitical dynamics in EU and the Mediterranean region at a seminar organized by the Centre for the Study of Contemporary Themes (CETC). Political and economic experts were gathered in the art nouveau site Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona to discuss the regional and thematic priorities and the need to build a multilevel institutional coordination for an effective Mediterranean strategy.

Russian and Sweden.jpg

Tension in the air over the Baltic Sea: Sweden summon Russian Ambassador over (yet another) a fighter jet incident

27 February 2019

The Washington Post informs that Sweden summoned the Russian Ambassador in relation to a fighter jet incident. On Tuesday February 19 a Russian jet fighter flew 20 meters away from a Swedish reconnaissance plane conducting a routine surveillance mission in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. These kinds of diplomatic incidents have become more frequent in the Baltic Sea, as Russian and NATO jets fighters regularly patrol its skies and occasionally violate national air space. Geopolitical tension appears to be on the rise in the Baltic Sea area.  

Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués participates in a debate of experts at IEMed

19 February 2019

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués participated in a debate on current political and social trends in the Mediterranean. Experts were also invited to reflect on how regional governments can contribute to European cooperation initiatives and under which objectives and priorities.  The event was hosted by IEMed in the framework of the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Declaration and the discussions to define the strategy of the Government of Catalonia towards the Mediterranean.


VISIONS researcher Michael Smith presents his work in the context of IBEI research seminars

11 February 2019

VISIONS researcher Michael Smith from the University of Warwick visited IBEI to give a seminar on “Testing the Boundaries of Order? Europe, the European Union and a Changing World Arena”. The research seminar was organized by IBEI and was part of the dissemination activities of VISIONS project. Dr Michael Smith explored and discussed the relation between EU’s different types of power and how they are mobilized to create order inside and outside fluid borders. During the seminar there was also time to reflect on the challenges the EU faces in doing this as well as on possible responses and future scenarios. One observation made by Dr Michael Smith was that the “demand for an EU contribution to external order increases as the constraints on EU external action also rise”. The abstract of the seminar can be accessed here.

VISIONS researchers Federica Bicchi and Wolfgang Wagner to give papers at CEEISA-ISA Joint Conference in Belgrade

31 January 2019

VISIONS researchers Federica Bicchi and Wolfgang Wagner will attend to CEEISA-ISA 2019 Joint International Conference to take place in Belgrade from 17 to 19 June. Federica Bicchi (London School of Economics) will present her research on “How communities of practice explain EU foreign policy making and unmaking” and Wolfgang Wagner (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) will  give a paper on “The party politics of EU’s relations with Russia and the US: evidence from the European Parliament”.

VISIONS predoctoral researcher Adrià Rivera to present a paper at EUSA Conference in Denver

14 January 2019

VISIONS predoctoral researcher Adrià Rivera will present a paper on “The populist challenges to the EU foreign and security policy towards Egypt and Tunisia: A case of deEuropeanisation?” in 2019 International Biennial Conference of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA) in Denver, Colorado from 9 to 11 May. His presentation will be part of a Nortia panel on de-Europeanisation and re-nationalisation of European Foreign Policy chaired by Professor Hartmut Mayer. Visions researcher Adrià Rivera received a Nortia bursary to be able to assist to 2019 EUSA Conference in Denver.

VISIONS section proposal accepted for EISA 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations in Sofia

18 December 2018

VISIONS section proposal on “Geopolitics in a New Age: Shedding New Light on an Old Concept?” has been accepted for the 13th Pan-European Conference on International Relations which will take place from 11 to 14 September 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is organized by the European International Studies Association (EISA).

VISIONS consults with Oxford scholars

12 December 2018

An in-depth discussion about VISIONS project objectives and methodology was held with scholars Louise Fawcett and Heidi Maurer at Oxford University. The meeting was highly productive and served to open new avenues for collaboration between projects.

logo ox.png
Strait of Kerch.jpg

Russia blocks Kerch Strait after Ukranian confrontation

25 November 2018


Russian authorities on Sunday blocked the Kerch Strait, which links the Azov Sea with the Black Sea, after seizing three Ukrainian naval ships off the coast of annexed Crimea, according to Russian state news agencies and the Ukrainian military. The move came after Russia opened fire on two Ukrainian armored artillery vessels and a tug boat, which the FSB security service claimed had illegally entered Russian territorial waters. Ukraine denied its vessels had done anything wrong. Several Ukrainian sailers were injured during the confrontation, according to the FSB and Ukraine (the number varies between three, according to the former, and six, according to the latter).

Ukraine response: President Petro Poroshenko today said he would propose parliament declare martial law, which would limit civil liberties and give the state greater power, in response to the incident. Ukraine requested an urgent U.N. Security Council meeting.

EU response: “We expect Russia to restore freedom of passage at the Kerch strait and urge all to act with utmost restraint to de-escalate the situation immediately,” the EU said in a statement. “The events in the Sea of Azov are a demonstration of how instability and tensions are bound to rise when the basic rules of international cooperation are disregarded.”

Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués gives a guest lecture in KU Leuven

12 November 2018

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués gave a guest lecture at the University of Leuven in the framework of Nortia Network on research and teaching in European Union foreign affairs. She spoke about “Decentering sovereignty in the Arab world” and engaged with an attentive audiance composed by researchers and students of the Master of European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives.

Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués presents VISIONS project to members of CONNECTIVITY research team

12 November 2018

Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués presented VISIONS project to Stephan Keukeleire and Sharon Lecocq of CONNECTIVITY research program. VISONS and CONNECTIVITY members shared experiences and exchanged ideas on their research agendas. CONNECTIVITY is an interdisciplinary research program based in Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies which explores “Connectivity, Contestation and Cooperation in Global Governance”. You can learn more about it here.

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués to give a guest lecture in KU Leuven

31 October 2018

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués will give a NORTIA guest lecture titled "Decentering sovereignty in the Arab world" to the Master of European Studies: Transnational and Global Perspectives in Leuven, Belgium, next 12 November 2018.


Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and Adrià Rivera present VISIONS research project to local decision makers (Generalitat de Catalunya)

18 October 2018

In a meeting with the Catalan Generalitat, Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués and Adrià Rivera presented the VISIONS project idea, objectives and early results. The presentation was well-received and generated valuable suggestions for how to take the project further.


Member of VISIONS research team Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués in breakfast meeting with H.E. Ambassador John O’Rourke

5 October 2018

Member of VISIONS reserach team Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués assisted to a breakfast meeting with H.E. Ambassador John O’Rourke Head of the EU Delegation to Algeria at IEMed, Barcelona. The topic of discussion was “What makes the EU-Algeria relations special and strategic?” The session was introduced by Josep Ferré, Acting Director General of the IEMed, and moderated by Emmanuel Cohen-Hadria, head of the Department of Euro-Mediterranean Policies of the IEMed. The session was held closed doors and under the Chatham House rule.


VISIONS/EISA panel accepted at ISA Toronto 2019 Annual Convention

29 September 2018


VISIONS researchers Xavier Guillaume, Federica Zardo, Münevver Cebeci, Nina Graeger, Benjamin Tallis and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués have been selected to participate in a panel at the next International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention, to be held in Toronto, Canada, 27-30 March 2019. The Panel is organized jointly with European International Studies Association (EISA) and is titled Re-visioning geopolitics: Innovative approaches and practices on a classic concept. The discussant for the panel will be Mathias Theo Albert (Bielefeld University). Discover more about this panel here.


VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués to give a paper at ISA Annual Convention in Toronto

29 September 2018

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués will give a paper at ISA Annual Convention  in Toronto, 27 March 2019 on: "Re-envisioning geopolitics? The multi-vocal voices in North Africa and Middle East and their narratives of the EU borderland". You can read the abstract here.


Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués presents a paper at EISA 2018

12-15 September 2018

VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués presented the paper "The geopolitics of EU’s neighborhood: EU foreign policy and the contemporary challenges of geospatial ordering" at the European International Studies Association (EISA) Pan-European Conference held in Prague, the Czech Republic on 12-15 September 2018. The VISIONS paper was presented in collaboration with the NORTIA project, which issued the following statement: Great discussion on contesting traditional concepts of EU foreign policy research: geopolitics (Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués, project VISIONS) network cooperation (Kristi Raik), increased strategy (Spyros Economidis), just actorness and external perception (Natalia Chaban and Helene Sjursen from project GLOBUS), functionalism (Kamil Zwolski).

VISIONS predoctoral researcher Adrià Rivera Escartin receives FPU grant

25 March 2019


VISIONS predoctoral researcher Adrià Rivera Escartin was granted a FPU to pursue his doctoral studies in Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals. FPU (Formación de Profesorado Universitario) is a grant program of the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports for PhD candidates for the period of four years. Adrià Rivera Escartin is a first year PhD candidate at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona under the supervision of Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués. He is interested in EU-Tunisia relations and the impact of geopolitics in the democratic transition.

VISIONS researchers participate in 1st NORTIA Network Conference
6-8 June 2018

VISIONS researchers Federica Bicchi and Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués participate in a Roundtable on The Mediterranean Region in EU Foreign Policy at the 1st NORTIA Network Conference held on 6-8 June 2018, at IBEI, Barcelona. The Network Conference met to deliberate whether there has been A  Re-nationalisation and De-Europeanisation of EU foreign policy? in recent years. VISIONS researcher Elisabeth Johansson-Nogués also presented the paper called EU and the European Neighborhood Policy: Wither ‘politics of scale’, enter ‘economies of scale’? Click here to see the program.